Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Sharemylotto.com

Please read the following Terms and conditions carefully before using this Site, so that you are aware of the method and rules with ‎respect to our online lottery group play and operation of this Site.

1. Accepting The Terms and Privacy Policy
Legal Age: You must be 18 or over to participate. The Site is not intended for individuals under the age of eighteen (18). So, if you are not 18 years old or over, you are NOT permitted to open an account on this Site.

Lottery insider: If you are a lottery retailer, you cannot sign up to participate in this group play. The OLG clearly states that tickets are voided if a winning ticket belongs to someone that works directly or indirectly for the lottery corporation. Basically persons required to be registered with the Gaming Control Act, 1992. May not participate in this group play.

Otherwise you can access and use this Site, as long as you comply with these terms herein and do not use the Site for fraudulent or deceptive purposes.

2. Registration
In order to participate in the lottery group play, it is necessary to first create an account and submit certain mandatory information to create your account. Required information is your full name and email address. Your personal information will be safely secure with a reputable company which holds the database information.

You can only register one account for your own personal use. You can not create an account for anyone else or use the account of another. When creating your account, you must provide accurate and truthful information, as per this information will be used to communicate with you and claim prizes at the Lottery Corporation.

You are responsible for the activity in your account, and securing your account password. You can stop using, and may delete, your Account at any time.

Following us on Twitter is highly recommended, as per this will be our main communication channel for all things. It is essential to follow us on Twitter to stay in the know about what’s new at Sharemylotto.com

3. Participation
Once your membership is active, you are ready to play.

To participate in the group play, you will need to login to your dashboard and submit a copy of your lawfully purchased lottery ticket.

To do this you will need to purchase a lottery ticket, in trust the ticket, enter the ticket numbers in the space provided and upload image to the Site. When your ticket has been uploaded, it will be assigned to the next available group. In your dashboard you’ll be able to see your play, the group number you belong to, the group list names and their ticket pictures for your viewing.

4. Lottery Games
Currently we’re grouping the Lotto Max and the Lotto 649 only.

5. Uploading a Ticket
The first step is to decide which lottery ticket you want to purchase to pool, be it a Lotto 649 or a Lotto Max.

You must be the sole owner of the ticket. No one else outside the Sharemylotto group may have right or claim on the ticket. You may upload up to five tickets for the next draw. Each upload must be a different ticket and it’s considered one play. Each play is represented by one individual in the group list, even if it is done several times by the same individual. Each individual will be awarded one share times the number of uploads he/she appears in the group. However there is no guarantee that all five entries will go to the same group.

When you upload a ticket the system will assign the ticket a group. The groups will be created as uploads come in, and it will go to the next new group after the last open group has reached the maximum number of ten (10) uploads. If you are the first upload in the session you will be the first name in the group. If you are the last member to exercise an upload you will be in the last group that was still open before closing time. This last group may contain just one individual or two or three, depending how many uploads were received before closing time.

6. Shared Prizes
When you pool your ticket, there are three (3) prize amounts that you agree to share with the group.

In the case of the Lotto Max they are the payout amounts from 7/7, 6/7 Plus the bonus and 6/7. MAXMILLIONS are also shared evenly when available.

In the case of the Lotto 649 they are the payout amounts from 6/6, 5/6 Plus the bonus and 5/6. The guaranteed million is always shared.

Lesser winning amounts, may be claim by yourself with no obligation to share including free plays. Free plays can be uploaded, same rules apply.

7. Claiming a Prize
When a winning ticket occurs, and it falls within the prize sharing categories agreed upon, you as the ticket owner will follow the instructions indicated by your provincial lottery to claim the prize.

You will need to complete the Lottery Prize Claim Declaration. (Group) You as the holder of the winning ticket automatically becomes the Captain of the group (group leader) and perform the activities as such.

As a courtesy to the rest of the group, the ticket owner has up to thirty days to make the claim. Because you entered your ticket numbers during ticket submission, the system will notify the rest of the group when there is a winner.

The website admin will attempt to communicate with the Captain to ask when he/she is planning to make the claim, and inform of the answer to the rest of the group members.

In case of death of the Captain or a group member, the rules established by the OLG will be followed regarding the procedure of this matter.

8. Collecting Your Share
When a winning ticket is declared in a group, it has to be determined if the prize amount is less or more than $10,000. In other words, if the ticket has hit 6/7 in the case of Lotto Max or 5/6 in the case of Lotto 649.

This prize whatever amount it may be, can be claimed by mail. Once the required forms have been filled out and mailed to the lottery prize claim centre, a check of the corresponding amount will be cut and mailed to each person in the group to the address provided on the forms.

The process involves filling out two (2) forms, the Lottery Prize Claim Declaration Form (Group) and the LOTTERY PRIZE CLAIM GROUP LIST.

These two forms can be downloaded from the OLG website. Every member of the winning group must fill out their own Lottery Prize Claim Declaration Form (Group) and mail it to the lottery prize centre. However only one LOTTERY PRIZE CLAIM GROUP LIST is required.

9. Organization
In a Sharemylotto group play there are three (3) key people. The Captain, the First Person (FP) and the Last Person (LP).

The Captain of the group is the owner of a winning ticket, and as the Captain of the group he/she is responsible for filling out the Lottery Prize Claim Declaration Form (Group) and mailing this form along with the original “In Trusted” ticket to the prize claim centre.

The FP is responsible for filling out the LOTTERY PRIZE CLAIM GROUP LIST. Once the FP obtains the form he/she is responsible for filling out the first line of the form. Clearly print all the information requested in the form and sign it. Then he/she is to photocopy or scan the form and email it to person 2 on the group list at Sharemylotto. Person 2 will fill out the second line and send it to person 3 and so on, until it gets to person 10 which is the Last Person (LP).

The LP is responsible for filling out his/her information in the last line of the form and mail the completed group list form to the prize claim centre.

If winnings are more than $10,000 everyone in the group play will be responsible to contact the OLG to arrange an appointment to collect his/her share. This winning amount will usually occur when for example in the Lotto Max a ticket hits 6/7 plus the bonus and in the Lotto 649 5/6 plus the bonus or the jackpot!

All necessary information will be communicated via Twitter by Sharemylotto Admin to help and assist with the process.

10. Lost or Stolen Ticket
If you have lost your lottery ticket or believe it has been stolen, you can contact OLG immediately.

11. Submission Initiation and Cut-off times
For Lotto Max, you can start uploading your tickets after 12:00 AM on Saturdays and stop at 9:00 PM on Fridays.

For Lotto 649 you can start uploading your tickets after 12:00AM on Sundays and stop at 9:00PM on Wednesdays. Start uploading your tickets after 12:00AM on Thursdays and stop at 9:00PM on Saturdays.

12. Intellectual Property
The content on the Site, is the property of Sharemylotto.com and may be protected by applicable copyright laws. We reserve all rights not expressly granted in and to the Site and the Content.

Content on the Site is provided to you for your information and personal use only and may not be modified or otherwise exploited for any other purposes whatsoever without our prior written consent.

13. Content Description
We attempt to be as accurate as possible. However, the content on the Site may not be accurate or error-free. We reserve the right to make changes to the content, or any part thereof, in our sole judgment, without the requirement of giving any notice prior to or after making such changes to the Content.

14. Language
English and Translated Versions. If you are reading a translation of this terms and privacy policy in a language other than English, you acknowledge and agree that the English version is the official version.

French or Spanish versions are provided for your convenience only and the translation will not be valid as an agreement. Sharemylotto states that English version will be used for legal purposes.

15. Privacy
This is the privacy policy that governs how Sharemylotto.com receives and stores personal information about individuals who sign up with this Site. This Privacy Policy forms part of the Terms of Use, on this Site.

Your privacy is important to us and you have a right to know how information about you is protected.

All data remains at Caspio.com which is our data storage provider. We strive to protect your data and safeguard it from those not authorized to see it. Your Personal Information such as your first and last name, a personal profile, an email address is restricted and safeguarded with elements such as password protection and encryption.

16. Acknowledgment
By using the Site, you consent to the terms and conditions and of this Privacy Policy set forth herein. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to change this Privacy Policy at any time; if we do so, we will notify you by email to your designated email address. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, please do not use the Site.

17. Social Media Connect
You may engage with our content, through third-party social networking sites, such as Facebook. When you engage with our content on or through third party social networking sites, you may allow us to have access to certain information from your public social media profile to deliver the content or as part of the operation of the application.

18. Disclosure
We reserve the right to access, read and preserve any information that we obtain in connection with the Site. Enforce the Site Terms, including to investigate potential violations of them, detect, prevent, or otherwise address fraud, security or technical issues, respond to User support requests, or protect the rights, property or safety of Sharemylotto.com and its users.

19. Termination
Sharemylotto Admin in its sole discretion, has the right to terminate your access to the Site, or any part thereof, immediately at any time for a breach of the Site Terms. Sharemylotto shall not be liable to you or any third party for cut off use of the Site, or any part thereof.

If you object to any term or condition of the Site Terms, or any subsequent modifications, or become dissatisfied with the Site in any way, your only recourse is to immediately discontinue use of the Site. Upon termination of these Terms, you shall cease all use of the Site.