In every lottery draw, many people win BIG MONEY…but it’s never you!

At Sharemylotto We Believe

That if you don’t win a jackpot or a significant amount, you should at least get a cut of the cash being won by others. Pooling your ticket here is like throwing your ticket into a hat with nine other participants. If your ticket wins, you will share the prize amount with the group. If someone else’s ticket wins, you will get a share of the prize amount. 

Why Play Together

In the Lotto Max for the draw on Friday, Aug 4, 2017. 1 person got 7/7 winning a total of $23,017,319.20. If this person would have been in a Sharemylotto group each would have gotten $2,301,731.92

At a glance the above example, seems like the winner at a disadvantage, however no one knows who’s ticket is going to win, and that’s what makes it worthwhile!